Indigenous Kid’s Booklist

Please note that this is a list of the Indigenous kid’s books that we regularly carry, but it is always changing and being updated. New books arrive weekly, so please contact us with any titles you’re looking for!

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Board Books 

Black Bear Red Fox (Julie Flett)

Book of Play with Northwest Coast Native Art

Counting Wild Bears of the Native Northwest Coast (Gryn White)

Discovering Animals (Neepin Auger)

I Am Dreaming Of…Animals of the Native Northwest

Learn The Alphabet with Northwest Coast Native Art

Learn The Colours with Northwest Coast Native Art

Learn To Count with Northwest Coast Native Art

Northwest Coast Native Animals (Kelly Robinson)

Ojibway Animals (Jason Adair)

Sharing Our World: Animals of the Native Northwest Coast

We All Count Book of Ojibway Numbers (Jason Adair)

We All Count: A Book of Cree Numbers (Julie Flett)

We Sang You Home (Richard Van Camp)

Welcome Song For Baby (Richard Van Camp)

Where Is Mouse Woman: A Haida Journey (Gryn White)


Young Readers

Aboriginal Carol (David Bouchard)

Amik Loves School: A Story of Wisdom (Katherena Vermette, Irene Kuziw)

Bearwalker (Joseph Bruchac)

Beaver Steals Fire (Salish Coyote story)

Beneath Raven Moon (David Bouchard)

Between Earth and Sky (Joseph Bruchac)

Black Elk’s Vision; A Lakota Story (S.D. Nelson)

Blacksmith’s Apprentice (James Robert Chambers)

Call of the Fiddle (Wilfred Burton and Anne Patton)

Caribou Song (Tomson Highway)

Chickadee Trust (Angel St. Cyr)

Coyote Tales (Thomas King)

Dakota Oyate (Doris Pratt)

Dancing In My Bones (Wilfred Burton)

Danny’s Challenge (James Robert Chambers)

Diamond Willow Walking Stick (Leah Marie Dorion)

Discover the Animals: First Nations and Native Art Colouring and Learning Book

Dragonfly Kites (Tomson Highway)

Dream Catcher (Stella Calahasen)

Dreamcatcher and the Seven Deceivers (David Bouchard)

Drum Calls Softly (David Bouchard)

Earth Under Sky Bear’s Feet (Joseph Bruchac)

Elders Are Watching (David Bouchard)

Fiddle Dancer (Anne Patton and Wilfred Burton)

Fire Walker (Shezza Ansloos)

First Day: A Story of Courage (Katherena Vermette, Irene Kuziw)

First Nations Ceremonies (Valerie Roulette)

Flour Sack Flora (Deborah L. Delaronde)

Flour Sack Friends (Deborah L. Delaronde)

Flower Beadwork People (Sherry Farrell Racette)

Fox on the Ice (Tomson Highway)

Girls Dance, Boys Fiddle (Carole Lindstrom)

Giving Tree (Leah Marie Dorion)

Go Show The World (Wab Kinew)

Goodbye Buffalo Bay (Larry Loyie with Constance Brissenden)

Goodnight World: Animals of the Native Northwest (Kylie Ward)

Goose Girl (Joe McLellan and Matrine McLellan)

Hiawatha And The Peacemaker (Robbie Robertson and David Shannon)

How The Fox Got His Crossed Legs (Virginia Football)

I Am Not A Number (Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer)

I Am Raven (David Bouchard)

I Loved Her (Shezza Ansloos)

I Wait (in Cree and English) (Caitlin Dale Nicholson)

Jen and the Great One (Peter Eyvindson)

Jingle Dancer (Cynthia Leitich Smith)

Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer (James Endredy)

Just Right Gift: A Story of Love (Katherena Vermette, Irene Kuziw)

Kawlija’s Blueberry Promise (Audrey Guiboche)

Kode’s Question: A Story of Respect (Katherena Vermette, Irene Kuziw)

Kohkum’s Babushka (Marion Mutala)

Kyle’s Bath (Peter Eyvindson)

Legend of the Loon (Kathy-jo Wargin)

Li Minoush (Bonnie Murray)

Li Paviyon di Michif (Bonnie Murray)

Li Saennchur Fleshii di Michif (Bonnie Murray)

Little Athapapuskow (Guy Matthew Freedman)

Long PowWow Nights (David Bouchard)

Louis Riel [The Canadians series] (Rosemary Neering)

Man Who Dreamed of Elk Dogs (Paul Goble)

Manny’s Memories (Ken Caron)

Metis Christmas Mittens (Leah Marie Dorian)

Mishomis Book (Edward Benton-Banai)

Mishomis History Coloring Book set of 5 (Edward Benton-Banai)

Missing Nimama (Melanie Florence)

Missing Sun (Peter Eyvindson)

Muskgege: Carol’s Traditional Medicine (Caroline Sanoffsky)

My First Metis Lobstick (Leah Marie Dorion)

My Wounded Island (Jacques Pasquet and Maria Arbona)

Name For A Metis (Deborah L. Delaronde)

Nanabosho & Kitchie-Odjig (Joe McLellan & Matrine Therriault)

Nanabosho and Porcupine (Joe McLellan & Matrine Therriault)

Nanabosho and the Butterflies (Joe McLellan & Matrine Therriault)

Nanabosho and the Cranberries (Joe McLellan & Matrine Therriault)

Nanabosho and the Woodpecker (Joe McLellan)

Nanabosho Dances (Joe McLellan)

Nanabosho Grants a Wish (Joe McLellan & Matrine Therriault)

Nanabosho Steals Fire (Joe McLellan)

Nanabosho-How the Turtle Got Its Shell (Joe McLellan)

Nanabosho, Soaring Eagle and the Great Sturgeon (Joe McLellan)

Nanabosho, The Birth Of (Joe McLellan)

Native American History For Kids (Karen Bush Gibson)

Native American Thought Of It (Rocky Landon)

Nikik and Wapus Save The People (Joe McLellan)

Nimoshom and His Bus (Penny M. Thomas)

Nokum Is My Teacher (David Bouchard)

Not My Girl (Christy Jordan-Fenton)

Old Enough (Peter Eyvindson)

Old Turtle (Douglas Wood)

Old Turtle, Questions of the Heart (Douglas Wood)

Papagayo The Mischief Maker (Gerald McDermott)

Peter Fiddler and the Metis (Donna Lee Dumont)

Pisim Finds Her Miskanow (William Dumas)

Rainbow Crow (David Bouchard)

Relatives With Roots (Lah Marie Dorion)

Road Allowance Kitten (Wilfred Burton)

Rough-Faced Girl (Rafe Martin)

Seven Grandfather Teachings Coloring Book

Seven Sacred Teachings (David Bouchard)

Shaman’s Nephew: A Life In The Far North (Simon Tookoome)

Sharing Circle: Stories About First Nations Culture (Theresa Meuse-Dallien)

Shi-shi-etko (Nicola I. Campbell)

Shin-Chi’s Canoe (Nicola I. Campbell)

Singing Sisters: A Story of Humility (Katherena Vermette, Irene Kuziw)

Sockeye Mother (Natasha Donovan)

Sometimes I Feel Like A Fox (Danielle Daniel)

Song Within My Heart (David Bouchard)

Spirit Bear And Children Make History

Stories of the Road Allowance People (Maria Campbell)

Ten Little Rabbits (Virginia Grossman and Sylvia Long)

Thunder Boy Jr. (Sherman Alexie)

Treaty Tales: The Friendship (Betty Lynxleg)

Treaty Tales: The Handshake and the Pipe (Betty Lynxleg)

Treaty Tales: We Are All Treaty People (Betty Lynxleg)

Voices From The Ice (John L. Peyton)

What Is Truth, Betsy? A Story of Truth (Katherena Vermette, Irene Kuziw)

When I Was Eight (Christy Jordan-Fenton)

When We Were Alone (David A. Robertson)

Wish Wind (Wendy Wolsak)

Yamozha and His Beaver Wife (Vital Thomas)


Young Adult (Age 12+)

Fatty Legs (Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton)

Gift Is In The Making: Anishinaabeg Stories (Leanne Simpson)

My Name Is Seepeetza (Shirley Sterling)

Native American Animal Stories (Joseph Bruchac)

Stranger At Home (Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton)

Strangers (David Alexander Robertson)

Touching Spirit Bear (Ben Mikaelsen)

Where The Rivers Meet (Don Sawyer)


Graphic Novels

A Girl Called Echo Volume 1 (Katherena Vermette)

Peacemaker (David Alexander Robertson)

Seven Generations: A Plains Cree Saga (David Alexander Robertson)

Seven Generations: Scars (David Alexander Robinson)

Seven Generations: Stone (David Alexander Robinson)

Seven Generations: The Pact (David Alexander Robinson)

Three Feathers (Richard Van Camp)

Will I See? (David Alexander Robinson)

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